Buddha Soup Blog

A good Buddha Soup recipe might start with a curry paste, coconut milk, tofu, mushrooms, kaffir lime leaves, and vegetables.

A recipe for Dhamma/Dharma in the West should begin with a focus on the traditional Nikaya/Agama teachings; thus the soupstock is sutta/sutra/vinaya based, with a healthy infusion of traditional Chinese and Japanese Mahayana for depth and flavor, along with a pinch of Vajrayana for heat. With these ingredients it is hoped there can be a discussion of Buddhism and its integration with Western philosophy, culture, and science.

Buddha Soup is a journal effort to blend, heat, and serve what might be some of the best ideas and developments arising from the marketplace of Buddhist Thought and Culture.

If this Soup doesn’t taste right to you, please blame the Chef/Blogger, and not the ingredients.


  1. Beautiful blog site. Thank you for your comment on my blog: http://www.blogspot.com/partnershipdr. May compassion grow with each glance at your blog.

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